FR-AgENCODE article accepted for publication

Written on January 6, 2020

The article

Foissac, S., Djebali, S., Munyard, K., Vialaneix, N., Rau, A., Muret, K., Esquerre, D., Zytnicki, M., Derrien, T., Bardou, P., Blanc, F., Cabau, C., Crisci, E., Dhorne-Pollet, S., Drouet, F., Faraut, T., Gonzáles, I., Goubil, A., Lacroix-Lamande, S., Laurent, F., … Giuffra, E. (2019). Multi-species annotation of transcriptome and chromatin structure in domesticated animals.

has been published in BMC Biology. This publication is related to the FR-AgENCODE pilot project of the FAANG initiative.