Nathanaël Randriamihamison's PhD defense

Written on October 22, 2021

Nathanaël Randriamihamison (co-supervised with Marie Chavent, Inria, CQFD Bordeaux, Pierre Neuvial, CNRS, IMT, Toulouse and Sylvain Foissac, INRAE, GenPhySE, Toulouse) worked during his PhD on hierarchical clustering for structure comparison with application to Hi-C data. His work was published in:

Randriamihamison, N., Vialaneix, N., & Neuvial, P. (2021). Applicability and interpretability of Ward’s hierarchical agglomerative clustering with or without contiguity constraints. Journal of Classification, 38, 363-389.

and to several communications in conferences (JdS 2019, CAp 2019, JdS 2020).

Nathanaël’s PhD was funded by the INRAE/Inria PhD program.

The defense

The defense was held at INRAE on October 27th with the following jury:

  • Avner Bar-Hen, CNAM, rapporteur ;
  • David Causeur, Agrocampus Ouest, examinateur ;
  • Marie Chavent, Inria & Université de Bordeaux, co-directrice ;
  • Sylvain Foissac, GenPhySE, INRAE Toulouse, co-directeur (invité) ;
  • Guillemette Marot, Université de Lille, examinatrice ;
  • Cathy Maugis-Rabusseau, INSA Toulouse & IMT, examinatrice ;
  • Pierre Neuvial, CNRS Toulouse & IMT, co-directeur ;
  • Franck Picard, CNRS Lyon & ENS, examinateur ;
  • Nathalie Vialaneix, MIAT, INRAE Toulouse, co-directrice.