Gaëlle Lefort's PhD defense

Written on July 3, 2021

Gaëlle Lefort (co-supervised with Rémi Servien, INRAE LBE, Laurence Liaubet, INRAE GenPhySE and Hélène Quesnel, INRAE PEGASE) worked during her PhD on automatic quantification of 1H MNR spectra with applications to biomarker discovery for piglet maturity at birth. Her work was published in:

Lefort, G., Liaubet, L., Marty-Gasset, N., Canlet, C., Vialaneix, N., & Servien, R. (2021). Joint automatic metabolite identification and quantification of a set of ^1H NMR spectra. Analytical Chemistry, 93(5), 2861–2870.

Lefort, G., Servien, R., Quesnel, H., Billon, Y., Canario, L., Iannucelli, N., Canlet, C., Paris, A., Vialaneix, N., & Liaubet, L. (2020). The maturity in fetal pigs using a multi-fluid metabolomic approach. Scientific Report, 10, 19912.

Lefort, G., Liaubet, L., Canlet, C., Tardivel, P., Père, M.-C., Quesnel, H., Paris, A., Iannuccelli, N., Vialaneix, N., & Servien, R. (2019). ASICS: an R package for a whole analysis workflow of 1D 1H NMR spectra. Bioinformatics, 35(21), 4356–4363.

and to several communications in conferences (Rencontres R 2018, ECCB 2018, Metabolomics 2019, useR! 2019, Metabolomics 2019, JdS 2019, Metabolomics 2020, Metabomeeting 2020), as well as to the development of an R/Bioconductor package: ASICS.

Gaëlle’s PhD was co-funded by Digital Agriculture Convergence Lab and the MathNum, GA and SA divisions of INRAE.

The defense

The defense was held at INRAE on July 2nd with the following jury:

  • Patrick Giraudeau, Université de Nantes rapporteur
  • Kim-Anh Lê Cao, Melbourne University, Australia rapporteuse
  • Laurence Liaubet, INRAE GenPhySE, Toulouse co-directrice
  • Hélène Quesnel, INRAE PEGASE, Rennes invitée
  • Anne Ruiz-Gazen, TSE, Université Toulouse 1
  • Rémi Servien, INRAE LBE, Narbonne co-directeur
  • Étienne Thévenot, CEA Saclay
  • Jaap van Milgen, INRAE PEGASE, Rennes
  • Nathalie Vialaneix, INRAE MIAT, Toulouse directrice

Congratulation to her!